• The Listening Party Live

    1 season

    The Listening Party Live is a snippet of live stream music videos for use as promotion of the DECTV.TV Listening Party Live Series. To see the live concert streamed monthly click on the 24 hour Live TV and Live Stream Concerts logo listed on the front page.

  • DECTV.TV Music Video Series

    1 season

    Get the latest in all the music videos on DECTV.TV. All genres are available for you today.

  • Video On Demand Concerts

    1 season

    Enjoy the concerts from wherever you want as you see the best in music from all genres taped for our DECTV.TV consumers.

  • DECTV.TV Live Stream and 24 Hour Broadcast channel

    Every Month DECTV.TV features a live stream event. Membership allows you to watch your favorite Artist perform. When the stream is not live this is where you can watch the DECTV.TV 24 Hour TV network.